Last and certainly not least

Last and certainly not least, Ahn Jung Hwan clever, slashing overtime goal for South Korea sent Italy home in a well deserved state of paranoid disgrace and turned an entire nation into red bedecked, frothing at the mouth soccer lunatics, thus curing the rest of the world of any delusions about Asians being reticent or inscrutable. (The owner of Perugia, Ahn Italian club team, threatened to fire Ahn, saying That guy will never again set foot in Perugia! He later changed his mind.) Korea would play Spain to a goalless deadlock in the quarterfinals and prevail on penalty kicks before losing to Germany, but they never scored again. Any time you see an event that marks a nation sporting high water mark (like France victory at home in it unforgettable, and this was one of those moments..

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