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We want that to be fixed, we want to make sure people aren’t dying waiting to get care, and we want to make sure it’s more efficient and that people are held accountable if they’re not performing correctly,” Taylor said.Several decorated service members, including former F 16 fighter pilot Dave Belote, gathered outside the event to protest the candidate.”I don’t believe Donald Trump gives a damn about us veterans,” Belote said.Meanwhile, the watch for vice presidential picks is heating up on both sides of the political aisle. Trump could be announcing his choice within the next few days. Also this week, Clinton will be campaigning in Northern Virginia with Senator Tim Kaine.

cheap nfl jerseys The crowdsourcing goal was modest: $5,000, enough to help a few dozen people camping in North Dakota to protest the nearby construction of the four state Dakota Access oil pipeline. The fund has since topped a staggering $1 million.The fund is among several cash streams that have provided at least $3 million to help with legal costs, food and other supplies to those opposing the nearly 1,200 mile pipeline. It may also give protesters the ability to prolong their months long encampments that have attracted thousands of supporters, as the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe pursues the fight in court.And as the number of protest related arrests increased this week, so did contributions: Funds raked in more than $200,000 between Thursday and Friday alone.But demonstrators are quick to note that the amount of money raised cheap jerseys and what they have left isn’t the same.”It still feels unreal sometimes because it is such an astronomical figure to me,” said Ho Waste Wakiya Wicasa, the protester who set up the GoFundMe account that’s raised more than $1 million, primarily for operating expenses at the camp that took root in April.”The money goes as quickly as it comes, but without it having been as much as it is, we certainly wouldn’t have been able to be as productive as we have been in the fight,” Wicasa said.For months now, opponents of the $3.8 billion pipeline which is slated to move oil from North Dakota though South Dakota and Iowa to a shipping point in Illinois have been camping near the confluence of the Missouri and Cannonball rivers. cheap nfl jerseys

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