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UNDER 19: West, Crawford, Lowe, Lawton, Hawksley, Mullin, Dean, Porter, McCarroll, McLean, Fisher, Hill, Smith, Cassidy, Clark, Maynard, Ringo, Haywood, Saunders, Lovett, Donohue, Revel (2), Rushton. Be at ground 8.50am.LONGFORD (v Bridgenorth, at Longford) RESERVES: Baker, O’Toole, Heger, Eady, Jones, Prebble, Williams, Gray, Carroll, King, Garwood, Brown, Latham, Norton, Barker, Stokes, Scott, Richardson, Dodd, Aylett, Macdonald, Price, Bassett. Be in sheds 10.30am.

replica oakleys John Liechty of Glory Hole Sports in Angels Camp said, “The kokanee bite has begun, and we expect the best fishing since 2011 since there have been honest 14 to 15 inch kokanee within the past two weeks, bringing the promise of 16, 17 inch kokanee by the end of the season.” The kokanee are chunky and larger than the rainbows right now. The standard kokanee gear of Uncle Larry’s spinners or Glitter Bug’s micro hoochies in pinks behind a gold Sling Blade or teardrop dodger are working at depths from 30 to 35 feet. Gary Burns of Take fake oakleys It to the Limit Guide Service put in kokanee over 14 inches using Uncle Larry’s spinners in pink/copper tipped with garlic scented corn behind a Sling Blade in the main lake. replica oakleys

fake oakley sunglasses 404.Richmond Hill usually does well in door to door inspections, Godward said, because of the number of newly built homes required, by building code standards, to have alarms.Older homes, where owners have not upgraded in a while or not had exposure to contractors who are aware of the requirements, usually don do as well. And those living in small units, where a smoke alarm placed close to a kitchen or shower trigger false alarms, also tend to fare less well but there are new alarms with delay or special sensitivity options that can prevent this problem, she said.Domino manager Jim Minakakis was keen to launch the program.He sent his customers a heads up this week, with more than 700 flyers attached to pizza notices and to students at school pizza lunches.Thursday is one of the Yonge Street store busiest nights and he saw it as a great opportunity to spread the word. And with a steady stream of calls ringing the phones, extra staff on duty, extra food on hand and empty boxes stacked to the rafters, he was ready.. fake oakley sunglasses

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